Your trusted expert for healthy eating.

Anneke Aubert is a
Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert specializing in personalized
recipe development,
meal planning,
and nutrition advice. 

Anneke works with a broad range of individuals who are looking to become more aware of what they are eating without sacrificing taste or having to spend added time in the kitchen.


Many clients come to her upon finding out from a doctor that they have a specific food sensitivity, nutrient deficiency or health condition. Others are aware of the onset of potential genetic deficiencies or conditions, and are seeking preventative nutrition advice. Some of Anneke’s clients are just looking to shake up their diets.


Anneke works with each of her unique clients to develop targeted recipes and meal plans for their specific health & nutrition goals, all while keeping them accountable and helping them to feel more empowered in the kitchen and in life.

Helping clients feel their best by providing them with one of a kind innovative recipes and targeted meal plans is Anneke's standard.
Witnessing client's reap the rewards of improved health after moving towards a whole foods, nutrition packed diet is her goal.
Seeing client's become fellow, local and whole foods advocates in the community is Anneke's idea of complete fulfillment.

I am currently taking this time to spend with my little one. I thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you in the future.




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